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Dobsonian Mounts
Current lead time: 6 weeks.
Overview of Mount Choices.

Standard Solid
Custom Solid
Custom Collapsible

Digitial Setting Circles installed:
Sky Commander
Stand Up! Dob Height Stands.
Cells & Image Sharpening
Current lead time: 1 week.
Mirror Cells.
Mirror Masks.
Aperture Masks
Sharpen Those Double Stars!
Altitude Bearings & ATM
Current lead time: 1 week.
Altitude Bearing supports
Bearing Teflon and Laminate.
Fixing Awful Small Bearings.
Standard Altitude Bearings.
Rings For Telescope Tubes
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Mirror Box Integrated Cells.
Rotating Tube Rings.

Upper Tube Assembly Rings.
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Clamshell Rings
For up to 12" tubes. E-mail for larger sizes and shipping estimates

Clamshell drilled for dovetail plate

For equatorial head.

For Dob Mounting

Type Clamshelll Ring
Kit Drilled for Equatorial Head Mounting.
Kit With Small Bearings up to 12".
Kit With Large Bearings up to 18".
See the bottom of our Bearings Page for Dob Bearing Supports

Tube Diameter using cloth tape measure.

Clamshell rings allow you to place your telescope on an equatorial head or with bearings on a Dob mount. Custom designed to fit the outer circumference of your telescope tube, heavy duty rings can be drilled to match your mounting plate hole pattern. If you are building your own mount consider a clamshell ring and bearings. Includes bearing laminate.

Kit: All parts included, wooden parts are rough sanded with 80 grit, holes predrilled. All parts dry-fitted before shipping. Kits may be shipped worldwide. What you'll need: Philips screwdriver, sandpaper, wood glue, adhesive backed felt to line inside of rings.

CNC precision cut 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood. Anodized heavy duty aluminum piano hinge. Steel wood screws. Clamshells open and close using a 2-1/4" thumb screw that passes through one of the top boards into a 1/4-20 brass threaded insert in the abutting board. Rotating ring segments ride on teflon and crystal 909-42 Formica.