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GSO / Apertura / HighPoint
6" f/4 imaging newtonian enhanced cell upgrade and focal length extension.

 Dobsonian Mounts

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Standard solid
Custom solid.
Custom collapsible.

Manual setting circles: Az and Dec.
Digital setting circle installation.
Mounts for two telescopes.
Height adjustment stands

ATM Altitude and Azimuth
Bearing Parts

The Bearing Works: get everything.
Or buy individual items:
Laminate rings and strips
Teflon pads
Azimuth bolt assembly kits


Image Sharpening

Primary:Fix Turned Down Edge. 
Imaging: Remove mirror clip flare.
Aperture: Eliminate spider spikes.

Clamshell & Rotating Rings

For Dobsonian mounts
For Equatorial mounts

Clamshell And Rotating Ring Combinations.

Pricing is for up to 14" inside diameter rings. E-mail for larger sizes and shipping estimates.

Mount your telescope without drilling holes into the tube. Each set custom designed to fit your requirement.

Clamshell rings close and open using thumbscrews transversally through one top clamshell board and screwing into the abutting board. Loosen the thumbscrew to move the tube forward or back, or to turn it for convenient eyepiece position. Rotating rings are contained in a clamshell ring and provide easy smooth rotation of the tube. Rotate the tube when observing low to the horizon and reposition eyepiece upward, or near zenith rotate the tube and position the focuser toward the side.
Clamshell Ring
Type Description
CRK Clamshell Rings Kit
CRKSB Clamshell Rings Kit Small Bearings
CRKLB Clamshell Rings Kit Large Bearings
CRF Clamshell Rings Finished
CRFSB Clamshell Rings Finished Small Bearings
CRFLB Clamshell Rings Finished Large Bearings

Clamshell Rings Only:

Designed to match your mounting plate hole size and center-to-center dimensions.

Clamshell Rings With Altitude Bearings:
For Dobsonian Mounts.

Clamshell Rings with altitude bearings to match dimension between mount side boards. Requires 1.416" minimum space between tube and side boards.

Clamshell Rings With Internal Rotating Rings:
With Altitude Bearings for Dobsonian Mount
Or equatorial heads matching mounting plate hole size and spacing.

Mount without bearings on an equatorial head, or with bearings on a Dobsonian mount. Combine a clamshell ring and an internal rotating ring. The rotating ring spins freely inside the clamshell rings. Nylon screws through outer rings (top hole in right photo) tightens against the inner ring to preferred friction or locking rotation.

Extra Ring Sets:
Mount Smaller Diameter Tubes In Same Clamshell.

Available for equatorial or Dobsonian mounts. Add additional smaller telescope tubes in the same set of clamshell rings. Quickly attach/detach with four socket head bolts. Left photo: one half of additional ring set removed (shown on ground) and 1/4-20 threaded insert visible in the larger diameter clamshell ring. Right photo: second set of smaller inside diameter ring segments installed.

Clamshell Ring Small Bearings
Rotating Rings (with large bearings)
Extra Ring Set

: All parts included, wooden parts are rough sanded with 80 grit, holes predrilled. All parts dry-fitted before shipping. Kits may be shipped worldwide.

What you'll need: Philips screwdriver, sandpaper, wood glue.

Materials: CNC precision cut 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood. Anodized heavy duty aluminum piano hinge. Steel wood screws. Clamshells open and close using a 2-1/4" thumb screw that passes through one of the top boards into a 1/4-20 brass threaded insert in the abutting board. Rings have 0.1875" gap at top to allow secure hard-tightening around your optical tube.