Standard Solid Mounts
Features, construction, materials, etc.

These mounts are a preset design and size. For taller and/or wider sizes please see our custom solid or collapsible mounts.

Standard Solid Mounts fit up to 13.1" outside diameter tubes or up to 13.6" flat to flat tube rings, and provides 23" of swing-through room (see swing-through calculation in "fitting requirements" below). Altitude bearings clamp solidly to your tube using a 3/8" bolts through the bearing and your tube. Secure with a washer and nut on the bolt inside the tbue. The altitude bearing has bracing with a curve cut to fit your tube. You can see bracing (shown loose in mount unassembled above). E-mail for help in determining your tube's balance point, or follow directions in "fitting requirements" below.

Standard Mount Kits arrive rough sanded. All parts included, screw and stiffening internal dowel holes all predrilled, countersunk. Requires fine sanding, paint or finish, glue bearing laminate and assembly. Spray finished unassembled are also available.



Add a manual setting circle. $35.

Pair with an altimeter (examples).

Fitting requirements and Swing Through Room

Telescope tube maximum outside diameter:
Tube rings maximum outside diameter:
Tube required swing through room maximum:

We can compute your tube's swing through room, but this an example computation using a 10" diameter tube with 20" balance point:

1. Determine 1/2 the tube outside diameter: 5".
Square that number: 25.
3. Square the 20" balance point dimension: 400.
4. Sum the two squared numbers: 425.
5. Obtain square root of that sum using a calculator: 20.62".

That square root equals the minimum required swing through room for your tube.

7. Add one half inch (or more) to clear azimuth bearing nut: 21.12".

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