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Spica, with her glowing green eyes, has long been my faithful observing companion. Each evening, when she feels ready, she comes to my desk and announces with a soft "meow" that it's time for the two of us to go prowling in the night. While I am searching for distant galaxies at the eyepiece, Spica savors the night air, and then slips away into the darkness on a little hunting tour of the area. It's amazing to watch her navigate the rocks so assuredly, using her clear night vision. This vision - SpicaEyes - is the inspiration for our new line of large-aperture telescopes: designed to allow easy navigation of the night sky, and give the clearest possible view of each object you find.

24" all-aluminum SpicaEyes telescope on an integrated Dual-Axis aluminum Equatorial Platform

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22" SpicaEyes Telescope

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16" f4 SpicaEyes


Aluminum Telescope
on an Integrated Aluminum
Equatorial Platform

This is a complete telescope system. Find an object fast with the Digital Setting Circles, then keep it centered with the tracking of the Platform. Use high powers to enhance the view. Grab the scope anytime to move around and explore a new area - there are no clutches to disengage. The optional Dual-Axis Platform provides the controls for astro-imaging and auto-guiding. There's no field rotation to worry about.

Features include:

  • Rocker- and mirror-box are welded, box aluminum structures (light in weight, yet extremely rigid).
  • 18- and 27-point mirror cells with fans, switches, and battery installed. 4-point floating edge support for stable mirror placement; no sideways shift.
  • Upper cage rings are manufactured from a high-tech aluminum/plastic composite - lightweight, thermally stable, and very flat.
  • All aluminum components are powder coated or hard black anodized. Stainless steel fasteners are used throughout.
  • Primary mirrors are of highest quality. Each one is rigorously star-tested before shipping as a final check on its figure.
  • Renowned Starlight Feathertouch focuser is standard equipment.
  • Sky Commander DSCs are standard (Argo Navis DSCs available as an option).
  • Telescope comes complete with an integrated
    Aluminum Equatorial Platform in the Compact format. (Upgrading to a Dual-Axis Platform is an option.)
  • A full shroud is included
  • Tight fitting front and back covers for the mirror box provide excellent protection for the mirror during transport and storage. Also, nylon screws can be tightened against the edge of the mirror to prevent any sideways shifting of the glass during transport.
This new product is an observatory-class telescope system, but with the portability to be easily set up and used in the field.