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Large - Aperture   Aluminum   Telescope   System
with SlipStream GoTo  Drive

These new SpicaEyes Telescopes combine solid All-Aluminum construction with a new GoTo drive system that integrates a Slip Clutch on both axes for full-time manual and motorized slew control.

You can find objects fast by using the included Argo Navis computer. The telescope will automatically slew, or you can move it by hand. Once you find your target, the telescope will track it for you, keeping it centered in the field of view. The integrated SlipStream clutches allow you to move the scope at any time by hand or with the motorized slew control, with no levers to disengage.

Shown to the left and below is a 28" f3.66 SpicaEyes SlipStream Telescope. The oversized altitude bearings sit on 1"diameter stainless steel shafts rotating in pillow block ball bearings. Both axes are driven by Servo motors through a stand-alone computer mounted to the telescope. The adjustable slip clutches are fully enclosed and protected in a metal housing. Thumbscrews allow one to adjust the drag of the clutches as needed.

A wireless hand control gives three-speed slew control on both axes. The fast slew will spin the scope completely around in less than a minute, useful for going across large stretches of the sky. The medium slew will nicely center objects in the field of view at low and medium powers, and the slow slew will do the same at high power. All three slew speeds can be individually calibrated to the user's requirements.

Chris Ford of The San Francisco East Bay recently brought his new 24" f3.25 SlipStream SpicaEyes Telescope to the Golden State Star Party near Mt. Shasta. The mirror for this telescope was made by Lockwood Custom Optics. We had 3 great nights of excellent transparency. The telescope drew a lot of interest during the day and a bevy of viewers at night.

Here are Chris's comments about the Telescope, including some images he took using the Telescope with his new Canon 60Da camera.


SpicaEyes Aluminum Telescopes with SlipStream Drive

  • Welded Aluminum construction using stiff rectangular tubing and solid plate or bar as needed. All metal surfaces are powder-
    coating or anodized for long-lasting durability and beauty.

  • 18-point welded steel mirror cells with fans, switches, and battery installed. 4-point floating mirror edge support. Nylon locking bolts prevent mirror shift during transport.
  • Primary mirrors of the highest quality. The 24" and 28" mirrors are from Kennedy Optics. The smaller mirrors are from Lightholder Optics. The short f/ratios of these exquisite optics make for a low-profile design with no compromise in image quality.

  • Servo motor GoTo Slew and Track system, with built-in slip clutches that allow manual movement of the scope at any time. All of the drive components have been designed and manufactured by Sidereal Technology.

  • Argo Navis computer and hi-res encoders are included, as well as a convenient stand for the AN computer.
  • The renowned FeatherTouch focuser is standard.

  • An AstroSystems shroud is fitted to the truss poles.

  • Tight-fitting front and back covers for the mirror box provide excellent protection for the mirror during transport and storage.

  • Convenient handles and wheels are provided for easy transport of rocker/mirror box assembly.

  • A rotating upper cage is available as an option.
Pricing for SlipStream Telescopes
The SlipStream Telescopes are available in sizes from 16" to 40" and in f/ratios from f2.8 to f4. Please e-mail for an up-to-date price quote on any system you might be interested in
15736 McQuiston Lane
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Steve Kennedy standing with Tom Osypowski with Steve's new 28" SpicaEyes All-Aluminum SlipStream GoTo Telescope custom built for him by Equatorial Platforms.

The picture was taken at RTMC in May. Dan Gray from Sidereal Technology was there to do some initialization procedures on the drive the first day, after which the Telescope performed flawlessly for two nights, with excellent pointing accuracy and tracking. On Sunday night a wind with 30mph gusts came up, but, even with the shroud on, the scope was quite steady. The slip clutches can be easily tightened to withstand moderate winds.

Views were outstanding through Steve Kennedy's 28" f3.66 mirror. We had a great tour of the Spring galaxies and globulars under dark skies with moderate to good seeing. The performance of Steve K's stunning large aperture short f/ratio mirrors are quickly breaking down some myths and taboos surrounding the subject of sub-f4 mirrors. There was no compromise that we could detect in the images, just a shorter trip up the ladder (and a shorter ladder to haul around). With the 26 Nagler and Paracorr, a bright star panned across the field stayed sharp from one edge to the other. High power views through a Denkmeier binoviewer of the bright Spring galaxies were fabulous, with "best ever" heard from more than one person. Jupiter was contrasty and as detailed as the seeing allowed. Mirror alignment with a set of tools and a Howie Glatter laser was easy enough to do, and the stiff telescope structure kept it stable.