• Each platform is custom-made to buyer's specifications of size and latitude.

  • Apple-ply plywood - a stiff and rigid material - is used for the wooden components. It is sanded and beautifully finished with a long-lasting penetrating sealer.

  • The wide 3-point ground support offers unprecedented stability for this platform design. Adjustable feet and a bubble level make setup and leveling a snap.

  • The direct roller drive yields very accurate tracking, free of short term periodic error and free of tangent error.

  • Extended tracking runs of 75 minutes or more are now standard, with a quick reset time of a few seconds.

  • The stepper motor drive system, with its built-in drive corrector and push button hand control offers these features:

    Consistent tracking accuracy

    Adjustable drive rate

    Choice of lunar or sidereal speeds

    Instantly responsive guiding slew in right ascension (30% sidereal rate) and a fast centering slew (14 x sidereal rate)

    12V operation with low power drain (200 milliamps)

    Direct interface capability with CCD automatic trackers

  • The Standard Single-axis Platform can be upgraded to a Dual-axis Platform at any time for just the difference in price between the two models.



  • All the features listed above, plus...

  • A cam action stepper motor assembly provides a push-button operated two-speed slew in declination, useful for both fine guiding and fast centering. With this type of platform one can easily guide a long exposure prime focus photograph. Others find the Dual-Axis feature useful for centering an object in a CCD or video camera, or for making fine adjustments when using high powers.



  • The Compact Platform gives you basic RA tracking for high power visual use and some light photography. It differs from the Standard Single-axis Platform in that it has no push button slew control, no choice of lunar/sidereal rate, and no possibility of being upgraded to a dual-axis format.

  • See the Compact page for full details on this model Platform.


  • All welded aluminum construction

  • Light in weight, but with superior stiffness and durability.

  • Available in Single-axis and Dual-axis formats

  • See the Aluminum Platform page for details.

  • These Equatorial Platforms add just a few inches to the height of your Dobsonian telescope, yet provide you with a full motorized tracking capability. Wherever you point the telescope, using smooth, stable Dobsonian movements, you are tracking automatically and precisely.

    I can also supply advanced telescope makers with some of the drive assemblies and electronics needed to build their own platforms.

    Please feel free to E-Mail, write or call me about your needs, problems, or questions concerning Equatorial Platforms.

    E-mail us here!

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