More Astro-photos using Equatorial Platforms

Top of page: M42 -- M42 -- the Orion Nebula. This image is a digital composite of two negatives taken on Ektar 1000 print film. Exposure of each negative was 7 minutes. The telescope was a 16" f5 Dob on a Dual-axis Equatorial Platform. Guiding was done with the Platform's hand control through a separate guide scope. Images by Tom Osypowski. Scanning and image processing by Tony and Daphne Hallas at Astro Photo.

Below: NGC891 -- image with an SBIG ST-6 CCD camera through a 25" f5 Obsession telescope. This is a 100 second UNGUIDED exposure taken by John Sefick.

Other astrophotos taken using an Equatorial Platform

Dumbell Nebula

M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy

Comet Hyakutake
Dumbell Nebula M27 by Tom Osypowski. Taken at prime focus of a 22" f4.2 Dob on an Equatorial Platform. 10 minute exposure of Kodak Royal Gold 1000 print film. 164K-bytes. M51 taken with 22" f4.2 Dob on a Dual-axis Platform. This picture is a combination of three separate negatives, all 10 minute exposures on Fujicolor 400 film. The negatives were electronically scanned and combined in Photoshop. All image processing done by Jim Eiselt. Comet Hyakutake by Tom Osypowski, March 27, 1996. 5 minute exposure at f/4 with 50mm lens, piggybacked on a 10" Dob with an Equatorial Platform using Ektar 1000 film. 120K-bytes.

Comet Hale-Bopp

Lagoon Nebula

Comet Hale-Bopp
By Tom Osypowski, October 19, 1996. 5 minute exposure at prime focus of 22" f/4.2 Dobsonian on an Equatorial Platform. Kodak Royal Gold 1000 film. 150K-bytes. 16" F5 prime focus, 10 minute exposure on Ektar 1000 film. Photo by Tom Osypowski. 46K-bytes. Taken on March 8, 1997 with a 50mm lens at f/4, 5 minutes, Equatorial Platform using Kodak Royal Gold 400. 270K-bytes (great shot!)

Below: Images by John Sefick, 25" F5 Obsession, unguided 30-60 seconds using an SBIG ST6 ccd camera

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NGC2146 -81K

NGC2403 -69K

NGC891 -59K

NGC3628 -53K

NGC2261 -71K

M1 -68K

M82 -36K

NGC2339 - 77K

NGC7317 -72K

M76 -68K

M51 - 63K

M97 - 85K

M57 -38K

M51 - 18K

M104 - 23K

Photos by Dennis Allen with a 24" Dobsonian on a Dual-axis Equatorial Platform. Film used was Fujicolor 800. M8 - 15 minutes. M16 - 15 minutes. M20 - 15 minutes. Comet Hale-Bopp - 5 minutes. For more astrophotos by Dennis Allen using his Equatorial Platform, click here.

M8 - 88K

M16 - 29K

M20 - 29K

Hale-Bopp - 82K

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