These photographs illustrate a 20" Platform. The "rocking" movement is clearly seen. During the 75 minute tracking run, the top plate begins at 8 degrees to the east, then rocks to a level position and finally ends up tilting 8 degrees west.

The Platform can be quickly reset for a new tracking run with a simple pull of a handle.

The direct roller drive on the large sector offers superior tracking. There is no short term periodic error as with a gear or pulley, and there is no tangent error as with a threaded rod.

The microprocessor which runs the stepper motors is mounted behind the display panel. Controls include:

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 1.  Cover page
 2.  Table of Contents
 3.  Overview
 4.  Giving Your Big Dob The Ability To Track The Sky...
 5.  Owners Speak Out...
 6.  Platform Components
 7.  Platform Operation - photographic illustrations
 8   Astrophotography with an Equatorial Platform
 9.  More astrophotos using Equatorial Platforms
10.  Platform Features
11.  Price List