1. THE TOP ROCKING PLATE: A triangular platform on which swivels the Dobsonian telescope. Two curved "feet" are attached to this top plate. These curved "feet", together with a stubby polar axis, allow the top plate to rock equatorially through an arc of 15 degrees (corresponding to one hour of time).

2. THE BOTTOM SUPPORT PLATE: This plate sits on the ground. Mounted to it are the two north "roller" bearings and the south polar axis bearing which all support the top plate and allow it to rock equatorially.

3. THE DRIVE SYSTEMS: Two powerful stepper motors are mounted to one of the north roller bearings. As these motors turn they cause the top rocking plate (and the telescope that sits on it) to move equatorially. A built-in quartz drive corrector allows the exact sidereal rate of tracking to be tuned in. Additionally, a small push button hand control offers a two-speed slew for either photographic guiding (slow rate) or visual centering (fast rate). This whole drive system runs off of 12V DC, perfect for use at remote dark sky sites.

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 1.  Cover page
 2.  Table of Contents
 3.  Overview
 4.  Giving Your Big Dob The Ability To Track The Sky...
 5.  Owners Speak Out...
 6.  Platform Components
 7.  Platform Operation - photographic illustrations
 8   Astrophotography with an Equatorial Platform
 9.  More astrophotos using an Equatorial Platform
10.  Platform Features
11.  Price List