• Now it is a real treat to use HIGHER POWERS. At 500x the Ring Nebula floats motionless in a velvety black sky - you can really try for the central star.

  • LUNAR AND PLANETARY OBSERVING takes on new meaning. During moments of super seeing, details can be fully studied and appreciated (Jupiter's belts or Saturn's ring system, for instance). There are no interruptions, no need to re-center a drifting planet. Spend all the time you want to make a drawing - without having to touch the telescope.

  • Your passion is ASTRO-IMAGING. No problem with an Equatorial Platform: your Dobsonian is tracking and camera-ready. This important Platform application is fully treated on page 8 and page 9.

  • DEEP SKY DRAWING is reaching new levels of excellence and authenticity. For many observers, recording on paper what they see is a soul-satisfying activity. Good drawings take time, patience, more time. Here, the usefulness of an accurate tracking system is obvious.

  • You like to share your views at the eyepiece, perhaps bring out the "observer" in people. I remember one dark night with a group of new viewers at a star party. We did a fine tour of the September sky. Bright Globulars, Ring and Dumbell Nebulae, the Andromeda Galaxy. Then STEPHAN'S QUINTET. I put in 250x and for the next hour those five faint galaxies hung in the center of the field like tiny ghosts. Everyone had a chance to really see them, to come to terms with their remoteness.

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     1.  Cover page
     2.  Table of Contents
     3.  Overview
     4.  Giving Your Big Dob The Ability To Track The Sky...
     5.  Owners Speak Out...
     6.  Platform Components
     7.  Platform Operation - photographic illustrations
     8   Astrophotography with an Equatorial Platform
     9.  More astrophotos using Equatorial Platforms
    10.  Platform Features
    11.  Price List