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Drive Systems for Dobsonian Telescopes

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A well-made Dobsonian telescope is an excellent observing machine. It features unmatched stability and smoothness of motion. Plus it is eminently compact and transportable. However, the Dobsonian has one major drawback -- no motor drive. You have to push it around to follow what you're viewing. This can get to be a hassle.

But set a Dobsonian on an Equatorial Platform and experience INSTANT MOTORIZED TRACKING -- 75 minutes at a time! Wherever you point you are tracking -- smoothly, precisely -- without losing stability, ease of operation and portability.

A Dobsonian mounted on an Equatorial Platform becomes the ULTIMATE USER-FRIENDLY TELESCOPE.

Table of Contents

 1.  Cover page
 2.  Table of Contents
 3.  Overview
 4.  Giving Your Big Dob The Ability To Track The Sky...
 5.  Owners Speak Out...
 6.  Platform Components
 7.  Platform Operation - photographic illustrations
 8   Astrophotography with an Equatorial Platform
 9.  More astrophotos using Equatorial Platforms
10.  Platform Features
11.  Price List