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Sharpening Those Double Stars.

12" and 6" masks shown.

3 Hole Aperture Masks

Custom Paired Sharpening Masks

A great aspect of double star, and lunar and planetary observing is the availability from suburban skies. Enjoy fun targets any good night without seeking darker skies.

Optimizing your Newtonian/Dobsonian's performance to produce sharp refractor-like views is completely within reach! Our custom masks achieve a clear aperture, eliminating diffraction spikes from your telescope's spider, curing for possible image softening turned down edge (TDE), and preventing distortion from intruding mirror retaining clips.

We will custom cut a mask that hides the the mirror retaining clips, and create a custom sized aperture mask, providing a clear, perfectly round uninterrupted aperture. This will give crisp clean views and fine details on the Moon and planets, and round spike free image for splitting tight double stars.

Mirror masks are laser cut 1/8" thick black acrylic, stiff, light weight with a non-reflective matte side. 1/4" holes 120 degrees apart show your mirror edge to allow precise centering. Attach to mirror clip tops with Velcro dots or similar using small notches for positioning.

Aperture masks are laser cut from the same acrylic as the mirror masks. Dimensioned to fit to your outer tube diameter, center hole cut if you have a protruding spider stalk. Maximum (100%) mask aperture opening computed based on your secondary size and spider vanes. Two other openings are standard, 75% and 50% of the 100% size.

Doubles Sharpening Order:

We will e-mail for necessary dimensions including: mirror size, mirror clip width, mirror intrusion, diameter of secondary mirror holder, spider stalk if applicable,three or four vane spider. Write with any question, e-mail address up top..