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Two solid Dobsonian mounts.
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Dobsonian Mounts
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Standard Solid Mounts.
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All offer setting circle board.
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Height Adjustment Stands.
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Cells & Image Sharpening
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Mirror Cells.
Mirror Masks.
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Sharpening Double Stars!
Altitude Bearings
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Standard 12" And 18" Bearings
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Altitude Bearing Guides.
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Clamshell Rings For Tubes
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Mirror Cells
For 6" to 13.1" primary mirrors.
Custom designed to mirror's specifications for top performance.
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8" - 13.1" Cell: Six point floating supports.

Standard 6" Cell: Support points dotted.

AstroGoods mirror cells are individually designed and built with computed support point positions for optimal performance. By computing support points from your mirror's specifications, glass deformation is minimized. Designing to your mirror's thickness and diameter prevents unwanted movement in the cell.

Design: 6" cell is a set design, with support points marked. 8"-13.1" cell six floating point pad supports rise 0.125" above the top mirror plate, 0.125" space is provided between the mirror's side and three vertical supports, 0.125" of space under the retraining clip overhangs. Add adhesive backed felt dots to the inside face of the mirror clip posts and under the overhangs for a secure but not overly tight fit.

 Mirror Size
Suggested Minimum Tube ID
 0.8 lbs.
 1.2 lbs.
1.6 lbs.
2.0 lbs.

  • Constructed of rigid, thermally stable light weight 3/4" birch plywood (top), (bottom).
  • Fully compressed distance between front plate and rear plate mounting holes: 1.5".
  • 0.25" holes (photo 1, photo 2) for tube bolts in ends of back plate, with nut access..
  • 0.25" (0.50" total) designed room around your cell for easy install or removal.
  • 6" mirror cell kits have marks at the three optimal support positions to add felt pads.
  • 8" - 13.1" mirror cells have floating six-point supports at calculated to your mirror.
  • Floating supports (photo 1, photo 2) on 8" - 13.1" cells raise mirror 1/8" above plate.
  • Retaining clips are custom cut to correctly fit your mirror, and are easily removed.
  • All cell rear plates drilled to accept cooling fans.
  • Arrives assembled, sanded with 80 grit.
  • All cell parts included except mounting hardware..
  • Requires: Three bolts and nuts to mount in tube, finishing or painting and assembly.
Primary Mirror Size

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