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Shield Light From Your Focuser

Top view
Bottom view
Keep streetlights and other unwanted light from your tube and focuser with this one piece Kydex Light Shield. Ends Velcro together forming a fitted cylinder that secures with slots over the spider vanes inside your tube. Secures with a few Velcro tabs inside your telescope tube,

Individually fitted to your tube diameter and three or four vane spider. Slots and perimeter corners are rounded for safety. Kydex is waterproof, rigid and rugged.
Light shield orders are manufactured every three weeks.

Calculate size with dimensions A, B and C.

A - Distance from spider vanes to the top of your tube plus 1.5".

B - Tape ruler across from focuser as shown. Note the distance up ruler is visible from the bottom edge of racked in focuser.

C - Inside diameter of your telescope tube.

Then fill out and submit the form at lower left.

Calculating size and price.
Please complete this form.
Amount of baffle inside the tube.If the spider vanes are 3" from the top your tube. Add 1.5" for slotted section below spider vanes: 3" + 1.5" = 4.5"

Enter Dimension A Result:

Number of inches visible on ruler above tube when looking from bottom edge of focuser. Add 1". Add more if you prefer: 4.5" (A) + 7" (B) = 11.5"

Enter Dimension B Result:


Enter inside circumference of tube. This example uses a 12" inside diameter tube.

Multiply 12" the tube diameter by Pi (3.1415): 12" x 3.1415 = 37.7" inside circumference.


Enter Dimension C Result:


Add 2" to result C for the Velcro overlap to secure the ends: 37.7" + 2" = 39.7"


Enter Dimension D Result:

Sq. Inches
Multiply the sum of A (4.5") and B (11.5") with D (39.7"). Baffle is 434 Square Inches.
434 Sq"

Enter Sq" Result:

Find the cost indicated by square inches in the ording section at right. In this example the cost is: $35.00.

Enter Price:

After submitting dimensions, return to Place Order.
Pricing and Ordering

Up to 267 square inches
Up to 333 square inches
Up to 400 square inches
Up to 467 square inches
Up to 533 square inches
Up to 600 square inches
Up to 667 square inches
Order Light Shield
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First iteration Light Shield on 10" f/5.7 Compact Precision Telescope