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Altitude Bearings
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CSTLB (Convert Small To Larger Bearings)
Small Bearings (up to 12")
Large Bearings (over 12" to 18")

New tunable bearings
Available on small and large bearings shown below. Bearings incorporate outer "captures" eliminating any chance of the tube assembly sliding off mount laterally. Incised slots in bearings allow nylon screws in captures to position the bearing precisely or tune friction to your preference.

Upgrade From Small Bearings

This photo shows one custom example. CSTLB is custom designed to fit onto your existing bearings.

CSTLB (convert small to larger bearings) provide smoother motion, finer incremental control and much surer balance than small factory bearings (5"-6") that come standard on mass produced inexpsensive Dobsonians.

These are drop-in replacements, in most cases just screw them onto your existing bearing and mount. E-mail us a photo of your existing bearings, we'll discuss how to fit it, then e-mail a pdf drawing showing what we've designed for you.

Includes bearing, support with Teflon, brearing laminate, and screws.

CSTBB Order:

Bearings for Tubes, Mirror Boxes or Equatorial Rings.


Small bearings

Up to 12" diameter. Inside facing braces are custom cut to fit your tube's outside diameter. Bearings that attach to tubes come with a 3/8" center hole allowing you to bolt to tighten the braces securely onto your tube.

Equatorial mounted Newtonians or SCTs can use their existing rings attach bearings for Dobsonian mounting.

This is the style small bearing we make. It allows easy tube lifting using the cutouts as handles. Available with optional supports. Kits arrive rough sanded and assembled with bearing laminate.

Large Bearings

Large Bearings are half circle style. Available with or withouth inside tube braces for attaching to a tube or directly to your mirror box or equatorial rings.

Bearings with inside tube bracing (shown at left) require 3/8" center bolt to secure through your tube. Tube bracing is cut to match the diameter of your tube for most secure attachment.

Arrive rough sanded using 80 grit. Bearing laminate strip and #12 wood screws included.
We also offer mirror box supports for bearings (see below).

Bearing choices"
Small bearings diameter up to 12":
Large bearings diameter up to 18":

Bearing Supports

Bearing supports any size from 8" to 23" bearings. Includes Teflon pads and screws. Kits come rough sanded (80 grit).

Bearing Supports