Hickson 93 in Pegasus

93aNGC 75501.4X1.2 12.212.6
93bNGC 75492.8X0.7 13.013.7
93cNGC 75471.1X0.5 13.712.8
93dCGCG 454-0150.7X0.6 14.713.6
93eNGC 75580.4X0.4 14.912.7

All five members of this quintet were picked up with the 17.5". This Hickson group is situated within a large group of faint NGC galaxies. The brightest member, NGC 7550 (Hickson 93A) is a moderately bright elliptical, with a 1.5'x1.2' halo extended N-S. The halo is sharply concentrated with a round, bright core and a nearly stellar nucleus. Just 3.0' west is NGC 7547 (Hickson 93C) which is a faint oval oriented E-W with just a weak concentration. NGC 7549 (Hickson 93B) is situated 5' N of NGC 7550 just following a mag 10.5 star. It is a fairly faint oval, slightly elongated N-S with little if any concentration. About 4' following is Hickson 93D (possibly NGC 7553) which is a very faint and small glow about 20" in diameter. An extremely faint and close double star ~1.5' SE also appears as a nebulous object at moments. The most difficult member, Hickson 93E, is a 20" knot on the SE edge of the group and requires averted vision. It's collinear with a pair of mag 14.5 stars oriented N-S which lie 2.5' S. - Steve Gottlieb