Hickson 90 in Pisces Austrinus

90aNGC 71722.5X1.4 11.913.1
90bNGC 71761.0X0.8 11.311.1
90cNGC 71731.2X0.9 12.012.1
90dNGC 71742.3X1.2 13.314.3

This is one the brightest Hickson groups and one of the few that can be explored with an 8" scope. NGC 7172 (Hickson 90A) is the brightest member and furthest north in the quartet. In a 13" it appeared as a fairly large, moderately bright oval extended E-W. Located 6' due south is NGC 7173 (Hickson 90C) which appeared as a small, round glow at 166x. Close southeast is a contact pair [26" separation between centers] - NGC 7174 (Hickson 90D) and NGC 7176 (Hickson 90B). In an 8" the combined glow was unresolved at 100x, but in my 13" the individual components were clearly resolved. The RNGC confuses the identifications of NGC 7173 and NGC 7174, making N7173/N7176 the contact pair. - Steve Gottlieb