Hickson 88 in Aquarius

88aNGC 69781.5X0.7 13.313.2
88bNGC 69771.2X0.9 13.213.2
88cNGC 69761.3X1.1 14.014.2
88dMCG-01-53-0141.1X0.2 14.813.2

This group has a linear trio of NGC galaxies and a very faint edge-on ("D"). The brightest member NGC 6978 appeared fairly faint, fairly small, bright core, elongated 2:1 NW-SE. Farthest NE of three on a line with N6977 2.5' SW ("B") and N6976 ("C") 4.3' SW. The "B" member is very faint, fairly small, round, diffuse with an even surface brightness. The faintest NGC member "C" is extremely faint, very small, round, very diffuse. the "D" component was glimpsed in Ray's scope. - Steve Gottlieb