Hickson 82 in Hercules

82aNGC 61620.9X0.7 13.613.0
82bNGC 61630.6X0.3 12.412.4
82cNGC 61610.9X0.3 13.113.1
82dPGC 582310.5X0.2 15.6na

A trio of NGC galaxies and one anonymous member with NGC 6162 ("A") the brightest in the very compact group. This galaxy appears faint, small, slightly elongated, ~30" diameter, slightly brighter core, very faint stellar nucleus. The second brightest member NGC 6163 ("B") just 1.2' E is very faint, small, slightly elongated, ~30" diameter. More weakly concentrated and slightly fainter than N6162 but a similar size. Moving about 2' S is NGC 6161 ("C") which appears very faint, very small, elongated 2:1 ~N-S, slightly brighter core. The faintest member "D" is located just 50" WNW of "C" and required averted to glimpse a small, round spot, just 5"-10" diameter. - Steve Gottlieb