Hickson 80 in Draco

80aCGCG 319-0380.9X0.2 14.5na
80bPGC 565900.5X0.3 15.4na
80cPGC 565720.4X0.3 15.1na
80dPGC 565770.5X0.2 15.8na

The brightest member of Hickson 80 (CGCG 319-38) is very faint, elongated 5:2 SW-NE, about 40"x15" with a low even surface brightness. In a tight trio with Hickson 80b just 38" S and Hickson 80c 1.2' W. The "b" component is an extremely faint knot about 10" diameter which is sandwiched between 80a close N and two mag 15 stars 1.2' and 1.8' S. The "c" component is a threshold object at 220x requiring averted vision to glimpse but possibly elongated. Situated 1.2' W of Hickson 80a. - Steve Gottlieb