Hickson 72 in Bootes

72aMCG+03-38-0170.5X1.0 15.112.2
72bMCG+03-38-0210.6X0.2 15.112.8
72cMCG+03-38-0220.3X0.3 14.812.0
72dMCG+03-38-0200.2X0.2 15.011.2
72eUGC 9532, Arp 3280.3X0.2 17.0na
72fPGC 528490.2X0.1 17.0na

17.5": at 280x the brightest member of the HCG 72 = U09532 chain = VV 165 appeared very faint and small, round, ~15" diameter (extensions not seen). This group is very challenging as the tight pair HCG 72B/D is just 1' SSE and a mag 14.5 star is a similar distance NW. At 280x HCG 72B appeared extremely faint, very small, round. A mag 13.5 star lies 1.6' due east At moments it appeared double (HCG 72D probably glimpsed) although difficult to confirm. Similarly, HCG 72C seemed to pop into view on a couple of occasions although sighting uncertain. This faint chain is located 5' following mag 7.5 SAO 101216 which detracts from viewing (keep out of field). - Steve Gottlieb