Hickson 70 in Canes Venatici

70aUGC 89901.2X0.2 15.213.8
70bIC 43710.9X0.6 14.113.3
70cMCG+06-31-0650.9X0.2 14.212.0
70dMCG+06-31-0600.5X0.3 14.7na
70eIC 43690.4X0.4 15.213.2
70fMCG+06-31-0570.5X0.3 15.7na
70gPGC 501230.2X0.2 15.4 na

Three galaxies were viewed in this group and a fourth suspected. The modern catalogues have misidentified two IC galaxies in this group - IC 4370 and IC 4371 - which were discovered by Javelle. Curiously, Javelle missed the "A" component close south of IC 4370 = "D". The "A" component UGC 8990 appears faint, very small, slightly elongated NW-SE, 20"x10", fairly high surface brightness. I probably only viewed the core of this edge-on. Forms a close pair with IC 4370 = "D" just 30" north. This object was just glimpsed as an extremely faint "star" with averted vision. The brightest and largest member IC 4371 ("B") lies 2' south and appears faint, fairly small, elongated 3:2 SW-NE, 40"x25". Situated midway between the A/D pair 2' north and a mag 10-11 2' south. Finally the "C" component (M+06-31-065:) was only suspected on a couple of occasions but could not confirm sighting with confidence. - Steve Gottlieb