Hickson 55 in Draco

55aMCG+12-11-028A0.2X0.2 14.9
55bUGC 065140.2X0.1 16.4
55cPGC 355730.2X0.1 16.9
55dPGC 355740.1X0.1 17.1
55ePGC 355760.1X0.1 17.4

Several of the Hickson groups appear as interconnected linear chains. Hickson 55 in Draco is an extremely compact string of five interacting galaxies that will probably require a 16" to clearly view. If the seeing is steady, use high power and try to resolve the individual knots that appear like "peas in a pod". This distant chain (radial velocity 16,000 km/sec) is also known as UGC 6514 and VV 172 and once again contains a member with a discordant redshift (55e). Look for this challenging object 25' northwest of NGC 3735. - Steve Gottlieb