Hickson 42 in Hydra

42aNGC 30913.0X1.9 11.113.0
42bNGC 30961.0X0.8 13.413.0
42cMCG-03-26-0060.4X0.4 13.211.1
42dPGC 289260.5X0.3 15.2

Hickson 42 in Hydra lies about 6 degrees west of the bright planetary NGC 3242 ("Ghost of Jupiter"). The galaxy group is dominated by the 11th magnitude elliptical, NGC 3091, that contains a compact luminous core and is visible in 6" scopes. See if you can spot a 14 magnitude "star" close off the northwest edge. This object is the compact galaxy 42c and on deep exposures appears embedded in the halo of NGC 3091. A third member, NGC 3096 (42b), is a faint 14th magnitude glow about 5' southeast of NGC 3091. - Steve Gottlieb