Hickson 38 in Leo

38aMCG+02-24-0120.8X0.2 15.012.7
38bUGC 5044, ARP 2371.1X0.5 14.3na
38cMCG+02-24-0140.4X0.2 15.012.1
38dPGC 26830na 16.1na

Hickson 38a appears extremely faint, small, low surface brightness, 20" diameter (the central region). At moments extremely faint extensions are visible oriented NNW-SSE increasing the diameter to about 45". Located 2.5 SW of the brighter interacting pair 39b/c (U05044). 35b appears as an unresolved pair with 39c, separation between centers only 15". 38c is the fainter eastern component. Both objects appear as a single faint glow. A mag 13 star is located 30" NW. Located 7 SSE of mag 7.9 SAO 98580. Interestingly, 38a is a more difficult object. 38d was not seen. - Steve Gottlieb