Hickson 30 in Eridanus

30aMCG+00-12-0511.2X0.8 12.612.4
30bMCG+00-12-0541.1X0.9 13.213.1
30cPGC 156240.6X0.4 14.7na
30dPGC 156360.6X0.3 15.2na

Hickson 30a appears fairly faint, elongated 5:3 NW-SE, 1.0x0.6, brighter core. Located 40" NW of a mag 11 star. Hickson 30b appears similar to 30a located 3.6 NW (just slightly fainter and similar dimensions). Faint, elongated 5:3 SSW-NNE, 0.9x0.5. A mag 12 star lies 1.3 S (nearly collinear with the major axis). An easy mag 13-14 triple staar (sep 15" and 28") lies 2 following. Hickson 30c was a threshhold object at 220x. No details visible but appeared extremely round, 10" diameter. Hickson 30d was only suspected a couple of times 2 NE of 30b. - Steve Gottlieb