Hickson 23 in Eridanus

23aNGC 12141.3X0.3 14.012.8
23bNGC 12151.5X1.1 14.114.5
23cNGC 12160.8X0.2 14.812.8
23dMCG-02 08-0500.6X0.4 16.3
23eMCG-02-08-0540.6X0.2 17.6

Hickson 23 is a trio of spirals consisting of NGC 1214 ("A"), NGC 1215 ("B") and NGC 1216 ("C"). The "A" component appears faint, very small, elongated 2:1 SW-NE, small bright core, stellar nucleus. A mag 11 star is 2.7' N. The "B" component lies 4' SE and appears faint, small, elongated 2:1 SW-NE with a well defined small bright core and faint extensions. An additional 2' SE is the faintest component "C" which was very faint, extremely small with a stellar nucleus or faint star superimposed. The extensions of this edge-on are oriented SW-NE and difficult to view. - Steve Gottlieb