Hickson 16 in Cetus

16aNGC 8351.3X1.0 12.112.3
16bNGC 8331.5X0.7 12.712.6
16cNGC 8381.1X0.9 13.012.8
16dNGC 8391.4X0.7 13.113.0

Hickson 16 is a bright quartet consisting of Hickson 16A (NGC 835), a moderately bright, small, round galaxy with a bright core. Forms a close pair with NGC 833 (Hickson 16B) 1.0' W which is a moderately bright edge-on oriented ~E-W with a bright core. The "D" component (NGC 839) is also a moderately bright edge-on oriented ~E-W and has a similar appearance to NGC 833. Finally, Hickson 16C (NGC 838) is fairly faint, slightly elongated, with a very small bright core and possibly a stellar nucleus. - Steve Gottlieb