Hickson 15 in Cetus

15aUGC 16241.1X0.5 13.713.0
15bUGC 16170.8X0.7 14.013.2
15cUGC 16200.8X0.8 13.613.0
15dUGC 16180.9X0.8 14.313.7
15eMCG+00-06-0330.3X0.3 14.811.8
15fMCG+00-06-0360.6X0.3 15.1na

Five of the six members of Hickson 15 were visible at 280x. The "A" component was faint, elongated 3:2 NW-SE, 35"x25", weak concentration. Forms the N vertex of a triangle with two mag 13 stars 1.2' S and 1.8' SSW. Hickson 15B lies 5.7' SW and appeared faint, round, 30" diameter, weak even concentration to a faint, nearly stellar nucleus. Interestingly, the "C" component was probably the brightest of five viewed although this object was still a faint, small spot of 40" diameter. Hickson 15D was a difficult object appearing extremely faint, round, 20" diameter and situated 25" SE of a mag 14.5-15 star. This was the faintest of five viewed and it lies 1.9' NNW of Hickson 15c (brightest component?). The final member, 15E, was very faint, round, 20" diameter and the second faintest in the quintet. Located 1.0' NE of a mag 13.5 star. - Steve Gottlieb