Hickson 10 in Andromeda

10aNGC 5363.0X1.1 12.413.5
10bNGC 5292.4X2.1 12.113.8
10cNGC 5311.9X0.5 13.813.6
10dNGC 5421.0X0.2 14.712.9

Hickson 10 is one of the brighter Hickson groups. Hickson 10A (NGC 536) is moderately bright, slightly elongated WSW-ENE. A mag 13 star is involved at the N edge. Hickson 10B (NGC 529) located 8.5' W is also moderately bright, fairly small, with a bright core. Hickson 10C (NGC 531) is faint, fairly small, oval SW-NE, fairly small. A mag 12 star is just off the NE end 1.0' from center. Forms a 3' pair with Hickson 10D (N542) which is also faint, diffuse, slightly elongated. - Steve Gottlieb