Hickson 07 in Cetus

07aUGC 004011.9X0.9 12.613.1
07bNGC 1961.3X0.8 12.912.8
07cNGC 2011.8X1.4 12.913.6
07dNGC 1971.2X0.8 14.114.0

All four members of Hickson 7 were viewed. The brightest (NGC 192) is moderately bright, fairly small, very elongated NNW-SSE, bright core. Hickson 7B (N196) lies 3' N and appears fairly faint, very small, round, with a small bright core. Forms a very close pair with Hickson 7D (NGC 197) just 1' SSE which is just an extremely faint and small knot. The largest member is Hickson 7C (NGC 201) which appears faint, moderately large, with a fairly low even surface brightness, slightly elongated NW-SE. - Steve Gottlieb