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All files are Excel spreadsheets unless otherwise noted.
Abell Galaxy Clusters GSSP General List (summer - html) Lynds Dark Nebulae
Abell Planetary Nebulae Harrington 250+ Catalogs from Scott Harrington M31 Globular Catalog
Arp Catalog Herschel 400-I M33 HII Regions and Star Clouds
Barnard Dark Objects Herschel 400-II Off The Deep End (10 challenges)
Deep Map 600 (Megastar file) Herschel 2500 Shakhbazian Galaxy Groups
Deep Sky Objects for Binoculars and the Naked-Eye Hickson Galaxy Clusters Sharpless HII Regions
Galaxy Trios Lynds Bright Nebulae Showpiece regions in the LMC
GSSP Challenge List (summer -html)    

Observing Lists

Recommended Links
John C. Vickers Deep Space CCD Atlases North & South
NGC/IC Project
Paul Alsing's repository observing targets
The Astronomy Connection observing reports