Catalogs, Lists and Links

All files are Excel spreadsheets unless otherwise noted.
Abell Galaxy Clusters Galaxy Trios Lynds Bright Nebulae
Abell Planetary Nebulae GSSP Challenge List (summer -html) M31 Globular Catalog
Arp Catalog GSSP General List (summer - html) M33 HII Regions and Star Clouds
Barnard Dark Objects Harrington 250+ Catalogs from Scott Harrington Off The Deep End (10 challenges)
Deep Map 600 (Megastar file) Herschel 400-I Shakhbazian Galaxy Groups
Deep Sky Objects for Binoculars and the Naked-Eye Herschel 400-II Sharpless HII Regions
Far Out NGC-IC Herschel 2500 Showpiece regions in the LMC
Field Guide to M31's Brighest Globular Clusters Hickson Galaxy Clusters The Stars Of NGC 206

Observing Lists

Recommended Links
John C. Vickers Deep Space CCD Atlases North & South
NGC/IC Project
Paul Alsing's repository observing targets
The Astronomy Connection observing reports