Steve Gottlieb's NGC Notes


Here are my observing notes for nearly 7200 NGC entries and an additional 785 IC entries. I began taking notes on the Messier objects with a 6" reflector in 1978 from northern California and by the end of 1981 was exploring fainter NGCs with a 13.1" Odyssey I. The vast majority of my notes, though, were made with a 17.5" f/4.5 homemade dob (1987-2002) and an 18" f/4.3 Starmaster (2003-2011). Recent notes have been included with my 24" f/3.7 Starstructure as well as a couple of hundred observations made with Jimi Lowrey's 48" f/4 from west Texas. Many of the NGCs have multiple observations made through two or more of these scopes.

As far as NGCs north of –40° declination, my notes are complete except for roughly three dozen objects – most of which are Milky Way star clouds or star asterisms. Observations of deep sky objects south of –45 degrees were generally made in Australia with 18" and 24" scopes during several week-long observing trips or in Costa Rica with a 13.1" scope.

Outside of the NGC itself, this is likely the most complete visual resource of NGC observations available anywhere. All of the entries have been checked for historical accuracy as part of the NGC/IC Project and many entries include historical background information.

Steve Gottlieb           

Note: All positions are in Equinox J2000.0
In the Observation Files, 13: = 13-inch Telescope, 17.5: = 17.5-inch Telescope, etc.
NGC 1 thru NGC 1000 (01/14/13)
NGC 0001 thru NGC 2000 (01/14/13)
NGC 2001 thru NGC 3000 (01/14/13)
NGC 3001 thru NGC 4000 (01/14/13)
NGC 4001 thru NGC 5000 (01/14/13)
NGC 5001 thru NGC 6000 (01/14/13
NGC 6001 thru NGC 7000 (01/14/13
NGC 7001 thru NGC 7840 (01/14/13
IC 1001 thru IC 2000 (01/14/13)
IC 2001 thru IC 3000 (01/14/13
IC 3001 thru IC 4000 (01/14/13)
IC 4001 thru IC 5386 (01/14/13)